The Linguistic Center «ELITE A+A» belongs to the category of specialized educational institutions where special attention is paid to quality of teaching.

All our teachers are fully qualified to teach English as a Second Language irrespective of age or intellectual abilities of the students, and are specially prepared for creating favorable psychological comfort. Our teachers are trained to accurately assess and meet your particular training needs and are able to support, advise and guide you in your studies. Teachers are given regular training and feedback to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. We consider good references given by our students the highest estimation of our work.

The essence of learning English Spoken Language in our Center consists of modeling communicative situations and realizing them in English. All our courses are carefully structured to enable students to make rapid progress. Particular emphasis is placed on building confidence in speaking and listening.

Our Center is dedicated to meeting the various needs of students and corporate clients with variety of needs. «ELITE A+A» has a well-established reputation for its work teaching English for professional purposes. We worked and still work with many companies and offices in Kyiv including «Golden Telecom», Joint-Stock Company «Reemtsma-Kyiv Tobacco Factory», Embassy of Canada, «KIY AVIA», Branch of Joint-Stock Company «FM Logistics-Dnepr» and many others, providing teachers both at our center and on company premises. Our corporate programs are of high quality and teachers use carefully selected materials.

Linguistic Center «ELITE A+A» collaborates with the British Council and different publishing houses such as Oxford University Press, Heinemann, Cambridge University Press, Longman, LTP and others. We also carefully select audiocassettes, CDs and videos.

As we provide preparation courses for the general public at a variety of levels and for a range of purposes, including preparation for the TOEFL, IELTS, FCE and other exams, all materials are tailored to specific needs where appropriate.

Linguistic Center «ELITE A+A»